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The Indicator Trader fully automated Strategy for NT7+8!

You can trade 24h at day, the strategy give you the possibility to implement all markets what Ninjatrader offer.


You can backtest years of history data to find the best trading hours.

The money management offer a lot of control.

Your risk management and daily profit threshold can save your money.


I create this strategy and backtest it on several Markets, and i can find match opportunities to trade.


I hope you want explore the Markets and hopefully you can find additional consistently with the work on markets.



Gabriel Coletta



Install Indicatortrader Strategy in Ninjatrader 7


i show you here a example how the strategy can work if the day are the right, i recomandate to use the strategy as a signal generator and to open the trades manuali if the signal are the right, have fun with trading and first exercise it on a demo account

Hello, here I want to show you how I use the strategy to find trends in a trading day, you will see that some daytime has more chance to trade successful and other day times you must change the strategy parameter to have some winning trade.I recommend that you observe the market so long until you see some winning trade, after that you can start the strategy automatically so long as you see the trend change, and you lose profit. On this point, stop the trading and wait for the next trend, maybe appears on another day.Please practice this so long with a demo account until you generate profit, after that you can start with a prop trader account, I have some different advertising banner on my website where you can find an account to manage. I hope you can generate some profit and enjoy the money!

Start testing with Indicatortrader Strategy



Please send me a short Mail for a 2 Month free trial


I offer a monthly rent for 50$ for the new NT8 V5 version

or use simply a two month free trial for the NT7 version.


Gabriel Coletta



Sales manager and seller in free lance wanted, please contact me if you are interested


IndicatorTrader Strategy V5

Hello i am Proud to present the new features of IndicatorTrader Strategy V5
We create 3 new features:
The Williams% R is now available to filter the strongest Trend actions also the
RSS Oscillator work to detect strong market movement,
in this strong trends is advantageous to exit with an EMA down close,
so if the price close under the adjustable EMA the trade will be closed.
You can also enable both filter so only if both filters are in the extreme value the trade will by

RSS Oscillator

  • Here, you will see the RSS filter was working, only in the high of the RSS Oscillator was executed
    the trade.
    Also in the short direction the RSS work so.

Williams% R Oscillator

  • Here you see the Williams %R Oscillator, the trade working only if the oscillator is in the extreme
    Also in the short direction works so.

RSS and Williams% R

Here you see both oscillators working and the first trade was made with the RSS filter active are

EMA Close

  • Here you see the EMA exit function if the price close under the seat EMA value so the active trade
    close, at long or short direction.